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Adult Program Costumize training to your specific needs whether group or individual.

  • Confidence building (How to feel self-assured in your own abilities; Build positive relationships in the work place; Be kind to yourself; Don't be afraid of a challenge etc.)
  • The power of meditation (Learn new positive affirmations to empower you etc.)
  • How to improve customer service (How to make customers feel valued, happy and important, etc.)
  • How to present a more polished professional image (Wardrobe etiquette; Pointers on how to dress in your work environment; How to go from day to evening with same outfit etc.)
  • Skillful networking (Personal communication; How to feel comfortable with other business professionals; Be a good listener; Keep a positive attitude; Be approachable etc.)

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  • Don't settle get what you want
  • How to read your partner
  • Don't sabotage a good relationship
  • Take off the rose color glasses
  • The give and take in a relationship
  • Preparing for marriage
  • Getting married after 40
  • Keeping the romance from fading
  • Discovering what you and your partner have in common
  • Understanding each others social circle
  • Keeping a healthy relationship
  • Polish your image
  • Waiting on THAT ring
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Other Programs Offered

College/Young Adults Program

College can be a pivotal and defining moment in the lives of young people. Don't squander this opportunity for self-discovery. Sabrina offers sound wisdom and advice for young people to help them with:

  • Self-awareness & positive thinking
  • Job interviewing techniques
  • Staying focused
  • Making new friends
  • Setting goals
  • Five-star dining experience
  • Image development - dress for success both personal and professional
  • Confidence development - you're on the right track because you are born unique
  • Social & business protocol - what to do and when to do it
  • Posture
  • Poise
  • Maintaining focus
  • Public speaking
  • Job interviewing techniques
  • Skin care
  • Formal table etiquette
  • Modeling techniques - make an impression when you walk into a room
  • Photo posing - never take another bad picture again

Children's Program

Much of what shapes children's self-esteem is influenced by the media. Studies have shown that boys and girls who are confident in themselves at an early age are more likely to succeed. Ms. Sabrina's program will help mold these young minds into confident young ladies and gentlemen by teaching:

  • Confidence development
  • How to be a polished young lady
  • How to stand out in a crowd
  • Five-Star Dining Experience
  • How to carry yourself with Poise and grace

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