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Bring Out The Best In You!

Lifestyle and Relationship Coaching, Professional and Personal Etiquette, Social Protocols, Image Enhancement and More.

Motivational Speaker, Success & Lifestyle Coach Etiquette & Protocol

Sabrina Samuels founded Beckman Etiquette, now The Beckman Method, in 1982. She believes the biggest obstacle preventing you from reaching your highest potential is yourself. Don't let life happen to you.

Instead, become intentional about your life and achieve all that you were created for in your career, marriage, and relationships. Give yourself permission to succeed. It's time to motivate your higher self today!

What people are saying about Sabrina Samuels​

- Dr. Kimberly M. Hicks

"As a parent, I am extremely appreciative my daughter had the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful program with Ms. Samuels."

- Amanda Black

"Sabrina is wonderful she brings out the best in you."

- S. Shepherd, Alpha Chi Pledge Class

"You left an ever lasting impression on each and every one of us today. I am continuing to receive nothing but praise worthy feedback from your immaculate presentation."

- Diane Chan

"Sabrina makes you dig down deep so that you can release the things that are blocking you from your success. She has been amazing."

- Mrs. Carrie Gill

“We have seen what Ms. Sabrina’s programs can do long term and how confident the girls are.”

- Ms. Elizabeth Gill

“I have been able to be successful in so many different things. I can jump in and be comfortable in any situation knowing what to say and how to handle even the most awkward situation.”

- Mrs. Jill Anderson

“Ms. Samuels is delightful and truly enjoys working with the girls. She is a great role model.”

- Stina D'Uva, President/CEO West Orange Chamber Of Commerce

“Sabrina spoke at one of our annual events. Sabrina was eloquent in her speech about good customer service and how Business Etiquette plays a very important role in how we do business and interact with our customers and each other. She did an outstanding job.”

Since 1982, Sabrina Samuels has taught invaluable skills through her seminars, various workshops and programs for business professionals, women, teens, and children such as:

  • workshops
  • private lifestyle coaching
  • private consultations

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